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October 2022: Turtles

Well, hello. Long time, no see. I’m getting back into my monthly columns after an extended break. Here’s a short piece about baby snapping turtles:

clicky link: Be on the lookout for turtles crossing streets – Eden Prairie Local News (

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‘Til next time, thanks for reading!

April 2022: Ode to Spring

Link to this months’ column: Spring is just around the corner – Eden Prairie Local News (

March and April have been difficult, dreary months for me. I don’t think we’ve had more than two sunny good-weather days in a row. I’m glad for the rain (we need it), but I am so looking forward to when everything turns green and flowers bloom!

Soon, soon the MN Landscape Arboretum will be filled with tulips.

Jan 2022 column: Running on New Year’s Day

Running on New Year’s Day is a chilly tradition – Eden Prairie Local News

12th year of a beloved and super cool tradition.

Here’s a picture from Jan 1, 2019. Teaching my kiddos fortitude and the miracle of layers and body heat. We followed up our 1-mile walk with lots of hot chocolate and apple cider, so I hope they forgive me some day. Especially Mr. Scarf Head.

C-c-c-c-cold! January 1, 2019. New Year’s Day Run/Walk/Shuffle around Purgatory Creek Park, Eden Prairie, MN.

Coming soon!

This October, Nature Nearby will premiere as a column in Eden Prairie Local News.

I’m thrilled to write for my local paper (currently website, print possible in future) about all the nature we have right here in Eden Prairie.

So much flora and fauna in our own yards, neighborhoods, and parks.

What critters and plants are outside my front door and around my block?

How can we develop a relationship with and knowledge about the community of plants and animals we live amongst?

What can grow in our yards and in our hearts when we pay attention to nature nearby?

I’ll include links here when columns go live. Thanks for reading 🙂