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October 2022: Turtles

Well, hello. Long time, no see. I’m getting back into my monthly columns after an extended break. Here’s a short piece about baby snapping turtles:

clicky link: Be on the lookout for turtles crossing streets – Eden Prairie Local News (

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‘Til next time, thanks for reading!

April 2022: Ode to Spring

Link to this months’ column: Spring is just around the corner – Eden Prairie Local News (

March and April have been difficult, dreary months for me. I don’t think we’ve had more than two sunny good-weather days in a row. I’m glad for the rain (we need it), but I am so looking forward to when everything turns green and flowers bloom!

Soon, soon the MN Landscape Arboretum will be filled with tulips.

Jan 2022 column: Running on New Year’s Day

Running on New Year’s Day is a chilly tradition – Eden Prairie Local News

12th year of a beloved and super cool tradition.

Here’s a picture from Jan 1, 2019. Teaching my kiddos fortitude and the miracle of layers and body heat. We followed up our 1-mile walk with lots of hot chocolate and apple cider, so I hope they forgive me some day. Especially Mr. Scarf Head.

C-c-c-c-cold! January 1, 2019. New Year’s Day Run/Walk/Shuffle around Purgatory Creek Park, Eden Prairie, MN.