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Mouse Poem by Alex

You’ve read my version of the Mousey Tale. Now here is Alex’s poem about the mouse in the house. He wanted me to share it here. Enjoy!

Mouse Poem

The mouse went in,
It made Foster bark,
The mouse disappeared,
And the mommy sneered.
The mouse scurried,
The mama screamed,
The mouse climbed up the curtain beam.
She said it was impossible,
Maybe she was just irresponsible.
The mouse was there,
The mouse was here,
You could here mama in your ear.
Off the curtain the mousey fell,
Splat on the floor with the sound of a bell.
Up the mouse got and scurried away,
Down the stairs and some other way.
Now mom has to set the traps,
Or else the the mouse’ll keep coming back.
Set them with crackers,
Set them with cheese,
Catch the mousey or else you’ll sneeze.
If the mouse is caught it’ll go to the park,
Never again to make any dog bark.
The mouse’ll live till it dies of old age,
Or is revived by a wizard or mage.