My Workshop

Writing Nature Nearby (WNN) workshops seek to connect participants with their surroundings, their memories and each other. The highly flexible format allows for different locations, lengths of time and a variety of focus (water, art, stress relief, memoir, etc.) WNN pairs well with a naturalist-lead outdoor excursion followed by time to write and share. No writing experience necessary. For more information or to schedule a Writing Nature Nearby workshop, please contact me at

WNN including making a journal (3 hrs):
Bind your own handmade nature journal in this class that delves into nature’s role in the writing process. We’ll make journals using a piece of handmade paper for the cover and simple stitching for the binding. Weather-permitting, we’ll take a walk outside, interact with nature nearby and begin writing. No writing experience necessary. What is nature’s role in the writing process? How does nature motivate, inspire, focus and expand our art and stories? What memories bubble up when we are outside and what connections are made between where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going? We’ll read selections from current nature writing. Together, we’ll discuss and write about place, memory and what it means to interact with nature nearby.

Writing Nature Nearby (45 min-1 hr) short course for stress relief:
How can interacting with nature nearby and journaling reduce stress? In this session, we will focus our attention to the natural world around us. Using writing prompts, we will discover our stories and our connections to nature and each other. Experience how these mindful activities can reduce stress in your daily life.
*to raise awareness of nature around us
*to interact with nature with mindfulness and wonder, using all our senses
*to write freely about those experiences and share our stories
*to connect, however briefly, to nature and to each other

“Amber Stoner’s workshop was a perfect offering for our collaboration with the local nature sanctuary. Amber kept a diverse group of students thoroughly engaged in the craft of writing and the art of book-making. Thank you!” -Jerod Santek, Executive Director of Write On, Door County and former program director at the Loft Literary Center

“After that class, I will walk more with a notepad. I learned so much. Very thought-provoking. Thank you for the renewal of precious memories.” – past participant

This workshop is well-suited for nature centers, writing centers, art centers, retreats, and groups of friends.